4th of October 2018

.......one of our staff has a birthday today.........

Happy days as we decided to go to Furneaux at St. Helens for lunch. The only restaurant on the East Coast of Tasmania really worthwhile going to - in fact - one must go there and experience the two chefs who know how to cook. Best to book!

Sitting down on a table with white table cloths made us feel special. We started off with Mornay oysters, crab tortellini and scallops accompanied by a bottle of Tasmanian Sparkling Rose "The Ridge" from Lilydale Vineyard!

By the time our mains arrived we had our glasses filled with a nice drop of Lilydale Pinot, which somewhat matched our duck and salmon....

Suzette crepes,  a Coupe Romanoff and a Chocolate from heaven rounded this lunch nicely.

Staff was attentive and professional, and the two chefs joined us later for a glass of dessert wine. This was an opportunity to chat about Tourism in Tasmania, Luxury accommodation and French cuisine.

Perfect match. 




3rd of October 2018

Another fabulous lunch at White Sands!

Mornay scallops and a bottle of Apsley Gorge wine made this lunch extraordinary, add great company of a really special guest - this luncheon turned into an unsurpassed experience....

Thanks A.!


October 1st

The water is warming (a little) - ventured our yesterday for the first Spring surf.... directly down in front of the Villas.... no one out ..... never is! 


September 27, 2018

Tonight we are going to White Sands Restaurant for dinner.

Although we feel like entering a sports hall, perfect moment to take the racket out and play a game of squash, we realise entering the Ironhouse Distillery's restaurant is bigger than its architectural mind.

The skies outside present a surreal rainbow - perfect in colours and some heavily pregnant clouds make it picture perfect.

We order our favourite wine 'Freycinet Cabernet Merlot' and the moment we indulge on the first sip, Bruce and I feel we are in heaven.

Food we think was secondary but order a Porterhouse steak, cooked with steamed vegetables for myself .....Bruce likes the sound of the 'market fish of the day'.

Whilst gazing at the stunning evening sky - becoming slightly sedated with the richness of the perfect Tasmanian wine, or two, to our surprise two absolutely enticing dishes are placed in front of us.

We look at each other ....and instantaneously know there must be change of chefs in the kitchen.

The plates are artistically decorated on black oval dinner plates.

It is a somewhat silent dinner for obvious reasons.

The fish is fresh, really fresh - mixed in with al-dente and yummy vegetables and roasted potatoes. A feast for the eyes and stomach!

The Porterhouse Steak presented as a classic dish, like in France - but no - the meat must be Tasmanian....  much more flavour than what we eat in the Mediterranean.

We love it.

Just wanted to share this with you!